Litter Free Beaches

This summer we’re discussing litter on our beaches and encouraging everyone to play their part in keeping them clean and safe so that memories can be made at the beach rather than casualties.

In the North West we enjoy huge expanses of sandy beaches due the large tidal range stretching out almost a mile away from the shoreline however this means that bins are often some distance away too. Please always carry your litter back to shoreline and bin it. If not, the tide will quickly absorb this harmful waste into the natural environment.

There it can cause serious damage to wildlife; the RSPCA receive 5000 calls a year relating to animals injured by litter, with many more going unreported. Left over food can also make dogs quite ill.

Additionally, litter poses risks to people too; broken glass can easily be stood on by children playing on the sand, discarded BBQ’s can cause burns and dog waste in the water can make people ill due to the high levels of bacteria.

Litter isn’t just unpleasant to look at. Dirty beaches have an effect on tourism, the coastal economy and jobs. Litter can cause injury to people and wildlife.

We all want to enjoy beaches as nature intended them to be; clean and beautiful.

This summer, join LOVEmyBEACH and pledge to take leave your footprints, not your litter.