Help keep beaches clean with our Business Pack

We have put together a business pack full of information and ideas about how your business can operate in a beach friendly way and spread the LOVEmyBEACH message.

Simple steps such as disposing of kitchen fats in the bin rather than down the sink, or putting stickers on your toilets asking people to put disposable products in the bin and not the toilet, can all help make a difference.

All you need to do is complete the business checklist and return it to us by email enquiries@lovemybeach.org .

To say thanks we’ll send you a window sticker and certificate to proudly display so everyone knows you’re a LOVEmyBEACH business.

Download the Business pack (850 downloads)  and become a LOVEmyBEACH business today.

Keeping Crosby Beach Clean

We’ve partnered with Crosby Leisure Centre and launched the third two minute beach clean board on the Sefton coast this week, with others being hosted at Ainsdale and Formby beach.

The boards are a concept designed and built in Cornwall but thanks to the LOVEmyBEACH campaign there are now 10 boards stationed across the North West coast.

The simple A-frame structure hosts several litter pickers, bin bags and instructions on how to safely get involved. They’re designed to encourage anyone and everyone to participate in keeping the beach clean, even for just two minutes.

Lee Carnwell, General Manager at Crosby Leisure Centre said, “When we were approached to be a host for a Two Minute Beach Clean Board we were more than happy to support the scheme. Keeping the beach clean and improving environmental awareness in Crosby is really important to us. We have recently done a lot of work to remove and reduce single use plastics in our Cafe Vita. Our centre is used by a lot of beach users for refreshments and toilets so having the board located here acts as a reminder that we can all help to keep the beach clean.”

The beach at Crosby benefits from cleansing activities from Sefton Council but in the past 2 years ago support has been received by volunteer group Friends of Crosby Beach. Established by local residents Val Talbot and Barbara Ramsbottom, the group, who run a monthly beach clean, started with 7-12 volunteers, however popularity and interest has grown resulting in up to 100 people coming along each month to help clean the beach.

Barbara commented, “The support from everyone who volunteers is fantastic! It shows that there is a real demand from local residents to improve the beach environment. I have no doubt that the Two Minute Beach Clean Board at Crosby Leisure Centre will be really popular and help us clear up the plastic pollution in our ocean.”

Stephanie Wyatt, LOVEmyBEACH Campaign Manager added: “The North West beaches and seas are the cleanest they’ve been in over 20 years and the boards, and the people who use them, will contribute to maintaining these standards.

Get involved and inspire others to get involved by posting a photo on social media and using #2minutebeachclean and #lovemybeach

Get healthy on our clean beaches!

Cleaner beaches and seas means healthier and happier people.

That’s why LOVEmyBEACH has joined forces with Blackpool Council, Wyre Council, Fylde Council, Keep Britain Tidy and the Turning Tides partnership to launch the LOVEmyBEACH Active Coast programme.

The programme has been designed to inspire residents & leisure partners to see the potential of the beach as a clean and safe environment where a healthy lifestyle can be enjoyed.

The programme launched at St Annes, Blackpool Central & Fleetwood on the 11th June showcasing a selection of the activities taking place over the summer on the Fylde coast, from beach volleyball to walking football.

Director of Public Health in Blackpool, Dr Arif Rajpura added, “The beach shouldn’t just be seen as a place for visitors; it’s a clean and safe environment where a healthy lifestyle can be enjoyed year round.”

The programme has been created for all ages and abilities.

Full event listings are displayed on the LOVEmyBEACH Active Coast Facebook page, click here to be redirected.

If you would like to arrange a sports event at the beach please contact the following people:

For Fylde – Ian Brookes, Sports Officer on ian.brookes@fylde.gov.uk

For Wyre – Carol Southern, Active Lives and Community Engagement Manager on Carol.Southern@wyre.gov.uk