Over the last 20 years we’ve made huge progress in making our beaches and bathing waters cleaner.
In 1988 only 18% of our bathing waters met minimum standards, in 2016 this was 100%.
Below is information on how we got there and how we’ll keep it that way…

United Utilities improvements

United Utilities’ business plan for 2015 to 2020 includes a £3.8bn package of improvements for the region’s water and sewerage infrastructure, which is good news for North West beaches.

Steve Mogford, Chief Executive Officer, said “We’re building on nearly 25 years of investment since privatisation which has delivered real improvements in tap water quality and the environment. Our focus is shifting over the next five years more on wastewater improvements which, through the work with our partners, is good news for bathing waters and North West tourism.”

You can read the full story on the United Utilities website.

We still need your help to improve bathing waters – please visit the ‘What can I do?’ section to find out how you can help!

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Business pack

We have put together a business pack full of information and ideas about how your business can operate in a beach friendly way and spread the LOVEmyBEACH message. Simple steps such as disposing of kitchen fats in the bin rather than down the sink, or putting stickers on your toilets asking people to put disposable products in the bin and not the toilet, can all help make a difference. All you need to do is complete the checklist online here or return to us by email enquiries@lovemybeach.org please. To say thanks we’ll send you a window sticker and certificate to proudly display so everyone knows you’re a LOVEmyBEACH business.

Download the Business pack (898 downloads) and become a LOVEmyBEACH business today.

Pic of window sticker for LOVEmyBEACH businesses

Sefton survey results

Sefton has three bathing water beaches where people swim and paddle – Formby Lifeboat Road, Ainsdale and Southport. In June, 381 people responded to our survey about beaches and bathing waters in Sefton. The main reasons people gave for visiting a beach are walking, enjoying the scenery, and peace and quiet. Whilst few visit to swim or paddle, 94% feel that a clean sea is important when deciding to visit the beach.

Only half of those surveyed said they were aware of the current water quality at Sefton’s beaches. In fact all of Sefton’s bathing waters passed the minimum European standards in 2013. Most were able to identify sources of pollution in our sea water such as sewer drainage and they generally know what they can do at home to tackle them, such as checking drains are connected correctly at www.connectright.org.uk and putting wet wipes in the bin not down the toilet. And they know when they go to the beach not to leave litter, to clean up after their dog or horse, and not to feed the birds.

9 in 10 people feel they have a ‘local’ beach but very few think they can impact water quality. You can! A whopping 103 people want to help our campaign. If you’d like to – check out ‘What can I do?’ and please help keep our beaches clean.

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