Over the last 20 years we’ve made huge progress in making our beaches and bathing waters cleaner.
In 1988 only 18% of our bathing waters met minimum standards, in 2016 this was 100%.
Below is information on how we got there and how we’ll keep it that way…

Happy fat trapper

Have you heard of a fat berg? It’s when fats, oils and greases which have been poured down the sink, cool and solidify in the drains and create a mountain or ‘berg’ of fat. A blocked sewer can cause overflows into rivers and seas and sometimes back into homes when waste water can’t pass through the system. At LOVEmyBEACH we don’t that to happen in homes or end up on the beach. Thankfully it’s really easy to avoid! Simply wash out an empty sauce or jam jar or any heat resistant container, pour fats, oils and greases from cooking into it and when it’s cooled scrape the fat into the bin and start again. You are then a happy fat trapper blockage stopper! Here’s one we made earlier…

Fat trap jar

Photography winner!

Happy Valentine’s Day to Donna Rigby who has won a year’s membership from Wild Arena with her gorgeous photo of St Annes beach for our photography competition. Donna’s shot of her two-year-old son, Aidan, shows a stunning sunset over a calm sea and was taken in January this year.

Donna, 32, from Squires Gate regularly goes on walks along St Annes beach with her partner, son and their dog. She said: 
“I’m really happy to have to won the competition and got some good news. My colleague saw it on the internet and told me to enter with a photo I’d taken. I recognised that it was a competition, sent it in and am delighted to have won!”

But rather than using a top of the range camera or extendable lenses, Donna’s winning method was as simple as it comes. “We were just on the beach late one afternoon and the sun was setting. The colours in the sky looked really nice so I just took a picture of it on my partner’s phone. It’s come out much better than I thought! We’re regular beach goers. My son is two and he just loves being on the beach and running free. My dog is exactly the same, except he prefers chasing the seagulls!”

“The winning picture was chosen by photographer Guy Farrow against over 200 entries of bathing waters across the North West. Guy told us: “Judging was really tough. There were so many good shots but based on the quality and composition, I feel that Donna’s photo really captured her son in great light with the sun going down on the sea. It says LOVEmyBEACH to me.”

“Donna has also won a litter picking kit, thanks to the Helping Hand Company, who spotted the competition on twitter and contacted the team. I’m sure we can find a prize for little Aidan for being a great model too!

We were overwhelmed by the response to the competition so huge thanks to everyone who entered. The winning photo will also be on our social media from today.

Donna Rigby St Annes beach 11.01.14

Businesses boost beaches!

The SEA LIFE centre in Blackpool is one of our first LOVEmyBEACH businesses! The Business pack has been launched to ask businesses in the North West to do what they can to help improve the quality of our bathing waters. Failure to meet stricter EU standards on bathing water quality coming into force in 2015 could mean signs on our beaches advising people not to bathe. This could be devastating to the local economy and jobs if people go elsewhere to visit the seaside. We don’t want that to happen.

Showcasing more than 50 displays and more than 2,000 spectacular aquatic creatures, SEA LIFE Blackpool know better than most the importance of clean seawater. They have been supporting the LOVEmyBEACH campaign through a whole range of activities, including running their own beach clean on the beach opposite the centre. 

Jenn Newton, General Manager, said: “We’re passionate about sharing the secrets of the sea and that includes how to look after the environment for generations to come. What we do now can affect the quality of the seawater. In Blackpool we’ve struggled to meet the EU standards in the past but we want to be part of the campaign to help pass the new standards in 2015. It’s wonderful to come to work every day and see the sea and beach! The actions are simple but make a huge difference to the bathing waters and that’s why we’re proud to LOVEmyBEACH.”

If you’d like to show your customers and visitors that you LOVEmyBEACH, download the pack in our Resources section now and complete the checklist online here.

SEA LIFE staff with certificate