Over the last 20 years we’ve made huge progress in making our beaches and bathing waters cleaner. In 1988 only 18% of our bathing waters met minimum standards, compared to 100% in 2014. But from 2015 the standards are much stricter so there’s more to do…

We’re recruiting!

Join our dynamic team and make a real difference to our environment.

Are you a great communicator, well-organised, passionate about working with communities to improve the environment and deliver simple campaign messages? We are looking for an energetic, community focused officer, to work on the LOVEmyBEACH programme.

Could you run a campaign? Strong influencing & communication skills? This key role will require tenacity and tact; brilliant marketing skills and a great understanding of behavior change and campaigning.  Part-time, initially short-term, Kendal-based at The Factory with the award-winning Morecambe Bay Partnership team.

For full details visit http://morecambebay.hosted.faelix.net/LovemyBeach-officer



Emma McColm in LMB tshirt

Volunteer group – The New Brighteners

This week LOVEmyBEACH met Dave and Jan from the New Brighteners to hear about the groups work in and around Wallasey.

This is their story:

In late 2008, a local couple moved to New Brighton, not in itself an unusual event.  Being beach lovers, and seeing litter all over the beach, unlike others they didn’t ignore it. Instead they decided to do something about it.

Knowing they would need some basic equipment, they raised some funding from Mersey Docks and Harbours to buy litter pickers, bag hoops and gloves and started regular beach cleaning events with a handful of friends. 

In 2013, another couple went through a similar process, a little way up the coast, getting pickers and hoops from the Countryside Rangers.  With a few Facebook friends they started a small group who would do ‘ad-hoc’ litter picking when they went for a walk, or took the dog along the beach.  

They all got together, decided that working together would be a good idea, and on the 29th August 2013 The New Brighteners was launched. A few years later and they have a community of over 750 people with 40-50 active volunteers.

The group work closely with a range of partners as well as taking part in their regular beach cleans, advising on a number of environmental issues such as the banning of balloon releases on Council land and the banning of polystyrene use by event food concessionaires. 

Thank you to Dave, Jan and all of the New Brighteners for the work you do to help LOVEmyBEACH!

Dave and Jan

Avoid a fatberg this Christmas

Beach cleaners of the North West are asking everyone to do their bit to keep the beaches clean this Christmas by binning their used cooking fats and oil rather than pouring them down the sink.

If you pour leftover fat from cooking down the sink, even with hot water and washing up liquid, it sets hard in the cold pipes and mixes with other unmentionables flushed down the loo, like wet wipes and sanitary products.

As well as causing problems at home, clogged sewer pipes that take waste water away can cause untreated sewage to run into homes, gardens, streets and even end up in rivers, the sea and on beaches. Yuk!

Each household pours around 14lbs of cooking fats, oils and grease down the sink every year – that’s equivalent to 25 packs of butter! Clearing a blocked drain at your house could cost at least £60 but could be much more. United Utilities attends a blocked drain every 15 minutes.

Protecting our waste pipes from getting blocked and polluting our rivers and seas means everyone doing their bit to help keep them clear.

LOVEmyBEACH, the North West campaign for cleaner beaches and seas has some top tips to avoid blockages:

  • Scrape leftover fat from roasting trays and pans into a heat resistant container then recycle or bin it when cooled
  • Wipe out grease left in pans with kitchen roll and bin it
  • Use a sink strainer to catch food scraps and bin
  • For larger quantities of cooking oils, contact your local council who’ll let you know if they can be recycled

Fylde LOVEmyBEACH officer Emma Whitlock said,

“Everyone loves the beach and wants to help keep them clean, but most people don’t know they can help do this from their home by binning used cooking fats and keeping the pipes clear. Even if you can’t come out on a beach clean you can do this small action that will make a big difference, so please #binit4beaches this Christmas!”

Fat trap