Meet our new officer!

We are very excited to introduce you to our new LOVEmyBEACH Officer for Morecambe and Cumbria, Anya Kuliszewski!

Anya grew up near Arnside and Silverdale so is very familiar with Morecambe and Cumbria. She is a passionate environmentalist and is joining us from the National Trust, having been the Visitor Experience Manager at Sticklebarn and Langdale, where she m..

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Volunteers urge families to take their plastic beach toys home

In just 3 months, the St Annes LOVEmyBEACH volunteers have collected an astonishing 133 plastic beach toys that were left on the beach! Now the beach cleaners are urging families to take their toys home rather than leave them behind. The volunteers collect the toys, alongside other litter, to prevent them from entering the ocean and harming marine life. Rather than send the ..

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LOVEmyBEACH and Sandymental join forces to tackle beach litter

LOVEmyBEACH has joined forces with local artist, Sandymental, to tackle the mounting problem of beach litter plaguing our coastline in a novel way. A giant piece of sand art, measuring 25 metres, was created at Bispham on Friday urging beach goers to ‘leave only footprints’. Increased visitor numbers to the Fylde Coast in the recent good weather has resulted in higher le..

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Love my Beach tackling visitor litter & asks public to take it home

As we ease out of lockdown, the LOVEmyBEACH campaign, delivered by national charity Keep Britain Tidy, is calling on all visitors to the Fylde Coast’s beaches to help tackle the mounting problem of beach litter by asking all visitors to be responsible when visiting by disposing of their litter. Increased visitor numbers to the Fylde Coast in the hot weather has resulted in..

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Take your litter home!

Many of us have been enjoying time at the coast in the sunny weather, but unfortunately, this has meant that a lot of litter has been left on the beaches. Please take your litter home! Litter ruins the beach, can harm people and wildlife and can end up in the ocean. With councils busy at the moment dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak, this is..

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