At the beach

Building sandcastles, walking your dog, paddling in the sea; experiences enjoyed more when there’s no litter on the beach. Did you know that the majority of litter on our beaches is left by those visiting it?

We need to do everything we can so that the beaches can be enjoyed for generations to come, this includes removing our litter each and every time we visit the beach. You should leave nothing but footprints!

On the North-west coast the local authorities work hard to ensure there are multiple bins on beaches that are emptied regularly. Additionally, LOVEmyBEACH volunteers collect thousands of bags of litter each year cleaning up our coast.

We urge all beach visitors to understand that leaving rubbish by the side of a full bin increases the likelihood of it blowing into the sea or along the beach. This results in not only a visual deterioration of the beach but also increased risk for beach goers and wildlife.

If there’s no room in the bin, please take litter home with you.

If you spot any signs of pollution, it could be harmful to our beaches and wildlife and needs reporting so that the relevant organisation can investigate it. You might notice sewage pollution, leaking pipes, significant amounts of a certain type of litter or any safety hazards.

Please see our handy leaflet on Coastal Pollution to find out more information on what to look out for and where to report it.

Alternatively you can watch our 13 minute presentation available on Youtube, which offers more detail and local case studies.


Taking your dog to the beach? Please see our Dog owners page for specific guidance.

Beaches are beautiful places for people to enjoy with their dogs too. However dog poo on the beach and in the water affects water quality and increases risks for water users. If left on pavements inland it can also be washed into the sea during heavy rain.

So please join us in being responsible dog owners and make sure you bin your dog poo and follow the dog exclusion zones in summer, to help protect our water quality.


Planning a BBQ on the beach? Please see our Resources page for a handy guide to beach BBQs.

There are some locations where these are not permitted, others where they are. Always check signage at the beach or the local authorities website.

Please note: NEVER light a BBQ or fire in the sand dunes areas of the coast; these are protected environments which, in dry weather, are extremely flammable.

Top 5 things I can do at the beach






Reduce the amount of litter by taking less single use plastics to the beach and using tupperware instead.

Always bring bin bags or an old carrier bag with you to collect your litter.

If the bin is full, take your litter home, don't leave it by the side or on top of public bins.

Be cautious of your dangerous litter including hot BBQ's and glass - see our guidance notes.

Store your cigarette butts in an anti-flammable container, never bury them in the sand.