Thank you to Fylde Community Projects Fund!

We’d like to thank Fylde Community Projects Fund for their generous donation to the LOVEmyBEACH project, which will enable us to purchase 50 new sets of kit.

Previously, volunteers would arrive at a beach clean event and borrow a set of kit for the duration of the clean and then return it at the end. However, since Covid we have adapted our set up to reduce infection risk as much as possible. Our frequent volunteers now have their own set of kit, which they are able to take home after each clean, meaning multiple people aren’t handling the same equipment.

This has actually been a brilliant change to our set up, which we probably should have introduced years ago! It allows volunteers to do more litter picking in their own time, rather than only having the equipment available for 2 hours a week. Something which we know many wonderful volunteers are currently doing up and down the coastline.

However, by giving out our supplies of kit, it did mean we were left short as previously multiple groups who cleaned on different days had shared the same set of kit. Thankfully an application to Fylde Community Projects Fund, led by Fylde Council, was successful! Thanks to their generous donation we can now purchase 50 new litter pickers, bag hoops and high vis vests. This will ensure LOVEmyBEACH groups are once again able to provide kit for members of the public and new beach cleaners to borrow, once we can resume larger group cleans.

LOVEmyBEACH also keep a stock of kit which we loan out to community groups and schools who want to beach clean independently, such as UR Potential, Blackpool FC Community Trust and The Police Cadets. This donation has allowed us to replenish these supplies and once allow a wider audience to take part in a beach clean. If your community group or school would like to beach clean on the Fylde Coast, please get in contact with emily.parr@keepbritaintidy.org

Please note, LOVEmyBEACH groups are currently only heading out in teams of 6 and therefore unfortunately don’t have space available to welcome out members of the public. Please keep an eye on the LOVEmyBEACH social media pages for updates and we will add details to our calendar as soon as beach clean groups can welcome out the public again. 

Thank You

Vote for Morecambe Bay Partnership!

Let’s lend our LOVEmyBEACH support to Morecambe Bay Partnership who are seeking funding to tackle plastic from the coast!

Our partner is seeking public votes to win funding from an internationally renowned conservation charity, to help it banish plastic from our beautiful coastline.

The only UK-based project to be shortlisted in the ‘marine’ category of the European Outdoor Conservation Association’s annual funding awards, ‘Clear the Bay by Day’ seeks to mobilise an army of volunteers to rid Morecambe Bay’s beaches and coastline of plastic waste and the new pandemic of Covid-related PPE. If this project secures the most votes by noon on Thursday 22nd October it will win the funding. Voting is now open http://bit.ly/nowvoteMBP.

Volunteers for Morecambe Bay Partnership, the charity leading this charge against plastic in Morecambe Bay, have removed 47.3 tonnes of rubbish – the equivalent of 4 double decker buses – from around the Bay in the last 17 years. Yet sadly, the amount of rubbish and COVID-related PPE waste on Morecambe Bay’s shores, cycle-ways and trails, has increased noticeably over the last 6 months. If left unchecked, plastic pollution may irreversibly harm the ecologically fragile beauty spots of the Bay.

Not only does ‘Clear the Bay by Day’ hope to remove litter with the help of an army of dedicated volunteer beach and trail cleaners, it hopes to raise awareness amongst the local communities, businesses and visitors who cherish Morecambe Bay, of how they can help reverse this worrying trend – with simple actions such as shunning the use of single-use plastics, taking litter home and passing the message on. Clear the Bay by Day also hopes to explore ways of ensuring that as little of the collected waste ends up in landfill, by working with local artists and innovative companies who are exploring alternative uses for unrecyclable plastics.

Susannah Bleakley, CEO of Morecambe Bay Partnership said “We all have a greater connection with nature since the pandemic hit us this year, this is a chance for you to give something back to nature. Please vote for this incredibly important project. The Bay is cherished by so many local people and holiday makers who share a love of this very special place. But plastic and other waste is having a hugely detrimental effect on our environment and we must take action now to reverse the trend. Please, vote now to do your bit to help save our Bay from the blight of plastic and other waste.”

Voting is open now on the EOCA website http://bit.ly/nowvoteMBP and closes at noon on Thursday 22nd October.


World Mental Health Day 2020

October 10th is World Mental Health Day, which is a time for us all to think about how we can better take car of ourselves and others when it comes to our mental health.

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on all of us, including on our mental health. Social restrictions, isolation and limited access to things we would usually like to do and enjoy has meant that people are struggling more than usual and may be encountering mental health issues they have not experienced previously. That’s why it is more important now than ever to take steps to improve our health and wellbeing.

Luckily for those of us who live in the North West, we have a beautiful coastline where we can get some fresh air, connect to nature and get some exercise – even if that is just a short stroll on the beach to blow the cobwebs away.

Multiple studies show that spending time in nature and increasing activity levels can have huge health benefits, from losing weight and improving heart function to reducing the effects of conditions such as anxiety and depression.

A recent study from Defra showed that accessing coastal environments can have a therapeutic effect and play a role in boosting health and wellbeing.

Domestic Marine Minister, Rebecca Pow said: “Whether it is to enjoy a sport, take a walk, watch the wildlife or to simply admire the landscape, for many of us spending time by the sea is not only hugely enjoyable, but it has a welcome impact on our well-being too.”

When visiting the coastline, please check the local restrictions and Government advice to ensure you can enjoy the coast safely during the pandemic.

If you are struggling with issues relating to your mental health, be sure to contact your GP or access services and advice from organisations such as Mind.

We are all in this together and even though we have to stay apart, we are not alone.