Join our newest beach clean group

The sea defence works are finished and the brilliant new promenade between Rossall beach and Fleetwood is open. This calls for a new beach clean group to be set up! LOVEmyBEACH is supporting Wyre Council and the local community, who want to ensure people can enjoy this wonderful stretch of coastline throughout the year.

Everyone is welcome to join and this will be a brilliant opportunity to help form a new beach clean group. You’ll have the chance to make new friends, do something great for the environment and feel the benefits of getting outside, whilst doing something active. Plus you’ll enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Larkholme Grasslands and the Irish Sea!

If you want to join us, we will meet one Sunday a month at 10:30am at Larkholme Parade and the very first clean up is on 27th January 2019. Future dates and more details can be found on our Volunteering page.

Hopefully see you there!

Litter picker and hoop on beach

Kick start 2019!

2019 is here! January is always a time for reflection, recovery (excessive mince pies, anyone?) and resolutions.

Whether you’re trying to get fit, spend more time out doors or look for opportunities to spend time together with your family, coming along to a beach clean is the perfect opportunity. With the average event lasting 1.5-2 hours, there’s plenty of time to make a dent in your 10,000 daily steps! It’s also a free way to get some exercise – and there’s no gym that has views that compete with the beautiful north west coast.

If you’ve never been to a beach clean before, don’t fret! Equipment (pickers, gloves, bags) are always provided so all you need to do is dress for the weather and wear some sturdy shoes. It’s also the perfect opportunity to meet new people, great if you’ve just moved to an area or you’re just looking to make some new, like-minded friends.

There’s more than 40 beach cleans listed on our Volunteering page in January alone! So no matter if you live in West Kirby, Blackpool or Silloth there’s one near you

Bispham Coastal Care

Avoid a festive fatberg this Christmas!

We all love a proper Christmas dinner with turkey, roast potatoes and all the trimmings! But did you know that you can help our coastline from the comfort of your kitchen this festive season?

We’re asking everyone to do their bit to keep the beaches clean this Christmas by binning their used cooking fats and oil rather than pouring them down the sink.

If you pour leftover fat from cooking down the sink, even with hot water and washing up liquid, it sets hard in the cold pipes and mixes with other unmentionables flushed down the loo, like wet wipes and sanitary products.

As well as causing problems at home, clogged sewer pipes that take waste water away can cause untreated sewage to run into homes, gardens, streets and even end up in rivers, the sea and on beaches. Yuk!

Each household pours around 14lbs of cooking fats, oils and grease down the sink every year – that’s equivalent to 25 packs of butter! Clearing a blocked drain at your house could cost at least £60 but could be much more. United Utilities attends a blocked drain every 15 minutes.

Protecting our waste pipes from getting blocked and polluting our rivers and seas means everyone doing their bit to help keep them clear.

LOVEmyBEACH, the North West campaign for cleaner beaches and seas has some top tips to avoid blockages:

  • Scrape leftover fat from roasting trays and pans into a heat resistant container then recycle or bin it when cooled
  • Wipe out grease left in pans with kitchen roll and bin it
  • Use a sink strainer to catch food scraps and bin
  • For larger quantities of cooking oils, contact your local council who’ll let you know if and where they can be recycled

Morecambe Bay and Cumbria LOVEmyBEACH officer Hannah Barnes said,

“Everyone loves the beach and wants to help keep them clean, but most people don’t know they can help do this from their home by binning used cooking fats and keeping the pipes clear. Even if you can’t come out on a beach clean you can do this small action that will make a big difference, so please #binit4beaches this Christmas!”